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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Must Run or I'll Be Late

Ralph and I are visiting Kenilworth Castle today to squelch his longing for his homeland on our way to the Bash...and oh, oh wait!!!!.......he's ready to whisk off to Scotland...For Mr. Toast's 2nd Annual Christmas Tea.....Ralph is exuberant about it! You can be sure we will be there with bells on our toes!


LadyCat said...

Your red dress is GORGEOUS!!! Have a great time at Kenilworth Castle with Ralph. It sounds soooo romantic, my dear. Looking forward to seeing you at Torosay castle soon : )

The Barn Door said...

You crack me up!!! Sent you new pics of Lacie. Check your messages.

Mmm said...

How is the castle there anyway this time of year? Never had the good fortune of visiting then. Is Ralph remaining the consummate gentleman? he is so smooth, you know. Love that red dress.

Kim said...

Dear Mmm,
Oh the Castle there is gorgeous and lovely, though a bit snowy. You would think it would feel cold, but not with the ever consummate gentleman, Ralph! I shall post the photo of the boudoir we dreamed in!

ted and bunny said...

just popped over to say a big thankyou for all your support and lovely comments.
What IS all this about Scotland? What have I missed?

Kim said...

You still have time Elaine...We're all off to Mr. Toast's 2nd Annual Christmas tea at Torosay Castle in Scotland. I am taking Ralph Fiennes...my ever and very favorite actor who has graciously accepted my offer. It starts at 5pm your time. Grab a beautiful dress and a dreamy date and trot on over! Here is the link
Correction...time got away from him....it will start at 6pm.