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Monday, November 21, 2011

Friends by the Written Word

I can sit here at my little desk and visit marvelous interesting people all over the world. I read blogs~some about traveling, some about decor, some about cooking, some about poetry and literature and animals, and some that are so poignant I sit and read and weep. I am never alone and come to read to help myself get through a tough time or enjoy a happy time or just reassure myself that I am amazingly not much different than everybody else. I let my mind wander into another's life of triumphs and travails and just plain everydayness. I can comment and get responses immediately much faster than a posted written letter. I can copy and print these tidbits of wisdom and bits of thought onto tangible paper to read over and over again..so all is not lost to the ether. I have struck up friendships with people I may never meet, and have only seen still photos of~yet we are connected~and yet we are separated by towns, states, countries and oceans. We look at the same moon when it is full and think of each other across vast waters. We try to solve mysteries together and we send each other gifts. We cry for one another, we laugh with each other and we are in awe of each other. We share our lives and are bonded in our friendship by our love of the written word.