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Saturday, July 28, 2012

NEVER TRY TO BE A TECHNO GEEK AT 1 TO 3AM. IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT. I was looking at the shots that Michael took at the car races yesterday that he will send to the newspaper he shoots for and tried to put them in files or folders or whatever that I used to do so smoothly on my pc but not so smoothly on my laptop. wellllll....when I put the SD card back in the camera the photos are gone! I did not... delete, I repeat, I DID NOT DELETE. What the heck happened to them? Luckily they are on my laptop but still..what did I do? I didn't sleep a wink. I burned a dvdrw from the ones on the laptop so hopefully this will be good... I am not a techy person...obviously.I am a  "learn while you goof it up" type of person!