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Friday, July 23, 2010


One week from today we will be in Portland, Oregon going through the dress rehearsal for my daughter Regan and her Dutch fiance, Marcel's wedding! Oh we are very, very excited. She waited a long time to find the right one...wow, was she ever LUCKY. When they met it was love at first sight~ across a crowded room..just like the song Some Enchanted Evening.
They live across the country from me and his parents live in the Netherlands,so they are planning the wedding by themselves...prior to this planning they renovated their kitchen by themselves...wow, is all I can say..if you can renovate a kitchen AND plan a wedding all within the same year and still love each other...you are meant to be together! And the ultimate in love is..she told me tonite...that when he looks at her when she is outside, digging in the dirt and gardening with no makeup, hair pulled back and her glasses on..he tells her she is beautiful and has since their first date...NOW, everyone, you will agree...that is true love!!! When a man loves you at your worst he loves you the BEST! She told me this after we laughed so hard at the makeup products she bought to look the RAVISHING BLUSHING BRIDE....PRIMER FOR THE FACE..covers all the splotches and is the base so that the thick makeup paint will stick on le face really well, which is basically FILLER to fill all the large pores in your skin and then there is a spray that is something like hair spray that is designed to shellac your makeup on so that even if you sweat in 106 degree heat..your "face" will not slide off! Then for the hair~ there is an industrial strength Big Sexy Hair product to make sure if you get caught in a downpour of rain you won't need an umbrella~no amount of precipitation will be able to penetrate your lacquered locks! I am anxious to try all these products...maybe the "shellac pour le face" will tighten up my laugh chins! Wonder what Marcel will think of her new look on their wedding day?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tattle Tale Housework

Some days I would just like to sit at my computer and read blogs and write them, sun tan and feed the squirrels...who cares about the housework..but lack of it tells tales on you. I actually thought I'd done a good job of housework before my best friend came to visit, and darn it~ if she didn't find every little thing I didn't get around to doing! Like the spill over in the oven..Darn it, I was gonna turn on that self -clean oven before she came but I couldn't find the manual. So she got the baking soda out and scrubbed out the spill over spot. Oh and how about... she needed a cooling rack for the scones..yeah, I have some but they aren't used very much and had a little dust on them. But before that she had to Hoover the living room. I heard the vacuum going in one spot for 10 minutes. "Is there something wrong with that particular spot on the carpet?" I asked, being driven nuts by the sound of the machine. "It's not picking up" she screeched above the airplane engine sound of that piece of convenience. "Well, I said, maybe it needs a fresh belt. There's one on the bottom of the machine, but we need to take the bottom plate off." Well it took me 10 minutes and 7 screw drivers and a hot flash later to find the one that would fit in the tiny hole they engineered to hold the plate on. Got the plate on but not without the catastrophe of a broken manicured fingernail; we maneuvered the belt into the 'between a rock and a hard place'. Who really designs these modern housework machines for women? Oh and then every time the 126 year old cat Miss Indy got out of her scratch box (as Suzanne calls it) her little feet tracked the Feline Pine cat litter (that is supposed to be very much better than other litters) down the hall and she kept getting the DustBuster out to hoover it up...every time!!! aughhh. She had to Hoover she said before she could bake the scones!
I failed again..but not at housework...when it was time to make the scones she searched and searched in the cupboards then shouted out.."where's your food scale?" "My what?" Oh, then I remembered... "We don't use food scales to measure our flour and sugar here in the U.S. of A" I quietly retorted. "Do you want me to go to Target and buy one for you?" "No", she said, "I can use a measuring cup." The scones came out beautifully, the house was spic and span, the fingernail was mended and we sat down and laughed our heads off at our present lives and our past lives of being best friends for 30 years...and that spot on the carpet...it has police tape around it...it is the cleanest spot in the house!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wacked Out Friends

My best friend, Suzanne is here this week to visit me. She is English and resides in Florida. We've known each other for 30 years. We have been spending our days shopping in my closet and combining outfits for me to wear to my daughter's wedding on July 31...more about that later!...she has approved of my ensemble for the afternoon wedding in the rhododendron garden, let me buy the shoes that she had just bought for herself before she came because they looked great on me...she has cooked soup, fixed lunch, hoovered (vacuumed)my house and we have laughed and laughed and criticized the photos we have taken of ourselves..KennyRogersLookAlike can't quite figure out why we do that! hahaha It's the dynamic of our relationship, hers and mine. She has cooked such artistically beautiful food that my body wasn't used to it..so she gave me a massage and we were able to laugh into the wee hours of the morning again since she cured my stomach ache! We have even taken our temperature every morning since she says that if it is lower than the norm 98.6 it is the indication that your thyroid is wacked...hahaha my temp was 88.5...we laughed about that...she said I must be dead! I keep checking it and I think my digital thermometer is wacked! I haven't laughed this much for years! We've been laughing at our wrinkles and our"several laughing chins" as I call them. She is in the bathroom now fixing her hair and complaining about her recent haircut that makes her look like a football head!! She is saying she wants to look like she did when she was 40...I'm trying to reassure her that she actually looks better now...but she's not convinced...hahhaa. She's fed up she just muttered! WE love to fuss this way! And still KennyRogersLookAlike doesn't understand this at all..She just said "in her family they used to say You don't know if you want to shit or get a haircut" She says right now she is not satisfied with either one! I am giving you a play by play recap like they do on the sports shows! Believe it or not we got up at 8:30 this morning after laughing till 4:30am and it has taken us till now 4:15pm to get ready to leave to the house to do a bit of shopping...typical day for us. A good full day for us!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Scritched Walls

Maison des Lilias inspired me to do a post about distressed interiors. Love those scritched walls (I made that word up) It means peeling paint and plaster to reveal all the beautiful hues underneath that had been the favorite color at one time of some unknown eye. Why do I long for that look....the walls hold secrets...shhhh

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Contemplating Independence Day

There, I guess King George will be able to read that! ~ John Hancock upon signing the Declaration of Independence.


Happy Independence Day!
We have already had some festivities for the 4th of July and tied in an early July 6th birthday for my niece. Sweet 16! Pizza, watermelon and root beer floats and a fun present from her doggie Bonnie! The Girl likes to eat so I made her a recipe book of her favorite recipes that I make for her including the shopping lists for each recipe. She seemed very pleased with that gift! Happy Weekend and Happy Independence Day!