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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Don't pass up a "sign"

The question was asked "Would you ever consider living in the best kept secret in Southern Indiana"?  "Oh, I don't know...we do have some new found family there...maybe if the opportunity presents itself in the future." Yeah, in the future.
A drive down a country road on a Sunday evening, after visiting the patriarch of the new found family, an old Victorian farmhouse almost literally jumped out onto the road waving its fresh " for sale " sign in front of the car. First glance...oh my..should we turn around? Oh, I don't want to be tempted. Turn around anyway. Looks empty...well don't go up to the window, this is the country and someone could be inside.
Curiosity was even more peaked after checking it out on the internet. WHAT?.. this price can't possibly be right? Lunch time on Monday the call was made to the realtor, even though it said sale pending. She confirmed it was a pending sale, but knew it wouldn't go through, but, she said, if it would, we'll find another house for you. I said," Well, we're not really looking but can you let us know if it falls through? We won't be retiring for another few years....but we really want it. By the way, no one was murdered in it, were they..because of the cheap price?" "No, she  chuckled, and you can verify that with your cousins down here. It's a foreclosure."
That was June 28, 2015. By August 14, 2015 it was ours. Houses pick their owners..you don't pick them, she said.
 A few things to take care of..new furnace, well pressure tank and new water heater and lots of help from the cousins with the long neglected acre of landscaping. Other than that, dusting and polishing and it was move in ready! Fresh air, bean and cornfields surrounding us and the clip clop of the Amish horses and carts traveling up and down the roads all around us.
Wonderful way to spend the weekends....no tv, no internet, just the sunrises and sunsets, planting and harvesting and the company of each other. Doesn't get better than this! Yeah, we'll retire sooner..never had a plan...plans were made for us.