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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Springy Morning in the Wildlife Habitat Backyard

Remember Ollie the cat with the secret? He has found a new home at a nice farm with children and several young cats. So the neighbors and I feel very happy about this decision. Here is the next critter to take his place in the wildlife habitat backyard. These pictures were taken between 11am and 12:30pm. His name is Low&Slow. He is really ugly but he loves it here...even if it is in the daytime and he is somewhat mixed up with this daylight savings time. He loves the sunflower seeds that the birds knock out of the bird feeders. I wonder what the squirrels and birds thought..usually Opossums are nocturnal. Wonder if they'd ever seen one before. I took a picture of his feet..euwwww they are really not pretty; ugly as a matter of fact~but he can't help it that we think he is ugly. He thinks he is pretty. I had the fleeting urge to paint his toenails! hahaha Such lovely creatures in our back yard of course...a good place to eat and hang out I guess! Spring is sprung~