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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wild Party Saturday Night

And that it was!
As the sun set every one who was any one and their closest relatives were there. Excessive amounts of food was consumed in a frenzy with bits and crumbs dropped where ever they partied. Drinking...oh ho ho yes, there was drinking...and jumping into the pond in their birthday suits. There was dancing on the bar and chasing the new girl in town whose attitude would have turned off any sober potential suitor. But not these boys..these guys strutted their stuff till they passed out on the tables and ground. Rude cat calls and resultant hisses at the most bold was the haughty attitude that girl displayed that night.
At one point in the long night there were 2 gals chasin' one guy..screaming and running..then..soft cooing was heard after the pursuit and a look of guilt on the faces of the participants as they crawled from behind the fence. tsh tsh. Nearby resident parents tucking their inquisitive young into bed, had to cover the little ones eyes and ears!
Late into the wee hours of the morning a lone singer continued...excited by the gaiety of party lights and unwilling to give up that last robust note... Finally, enough was enough...the big switch had to be pulled to grow the darkness that announces Closing Time!
Next day the Wild Life Bed and Bistro was unusually still...all for a couple who wandered in and out trying to pick up the pieces of their dignity...but it was a wobbly entrance and exit.