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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Favorite Women

My favorite women in my circle of friends are the 70-90+ year olds. They really have interesting views on life and love and still know how to dress up and they love jewels on their shoes. I love their sense of humor too. When I asked Aunt Margie if she was still going with the guy she was seeing last time I saw her which was about 3 years ago, she said..As of last night I was...she cracked me up! Not only great senses of humor but also style. Maybe this love stems from when I was a little girl and I spent a lot of time with my mom and aunts..having coffee and cookies and listening to their talk about hair, and makeup and nails and clothes and cooking and cleaning...women's topics of conversation~however what I found interesting at an early age was not so much their conversations as their mannerisms. I watched every move they made and watched how they applied their lipstick, put their jeweled eyeglasses on and off, how they used their hands to gesture during their conversation or pursed their lips to sip their drinks. They had their almond shaped fingernails painted with rosy iridescent color, their hair fixed just right, wearing sundresses and cork heeled wedge shoes with fruit on the top and always purses to match in the summer months. The winter brought out the mink stoles or little joined foxes around their shoulders~again with a purse to match. Oh my how good they smelled too. I could always tell my aunts had been to grandma's house because their expensive perfume lingered in the air. My Aunt Pauline served the best coffee(they put a splash of coffee in my milk in a tea cup) and those cookies that were vanilla wafers with pink marshmallow puffs on top sprinkled with coconut. I thought those were so elegant. These she served under a crystal chandelier that I would lie on the chair and stair up at..getting lost in the sparkly crystals. Aunt Pauline also had a huge diamond ring that I thought was a big at the chandelier crystals...probably not far from it, now that I think of it. There was a mural on the dining room wall of a far away place...I wanted to just go into the wall and follow the lane, maybe there would be houses filled with crystals just like on the chandelier. I hope I can live as long as my friends and be as humorous and stylish as they are at this age.