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Sunday, April 4, 2010

We're having Kentucky Legend Ham (the only kind of ham to buy according to my dear friend Ginny)~delish rice and mushroom casserole, roasted peach halves with raisin filling for Easter dinner. Then our next project is to assemble the gazebo we bought at Target Thursday night. It says it only takes 1 1/2 hours to assemble...we'll see.....a man and a woman working on an outdoor project....uh. It'll be a snap...hope we don't snap each others head off! hahaha Oh, and here's something I did Friday afternoon. I painted my old poly resin outdoor settee and chair. Give me my craft paints and an afternoon and I am a happy girl! It started out green and I sprayed it yellow with paint made for plastic..great stuff. Then I took watered down red paint and painted it on. This is the effect you get. I have done this before and even though you might have to redo it to make it vibrant again in a year or so if you leave it out in the harsh winter weather, it is a fast easy project. I also repainted my cement frog...he loved it and it gave me a chance to chat with him. He loves to chat and tell me all the things that he has seen this spring in the Wildlife Habitat backyard...believe me he says he has seen a lot! Ollie the mystery cat, the skunk, the opossum out in the middle of the day... It's a very happenin' place.