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Monday, October 11, 2010


This past weekend we made our annual trek to the Covered Bridge Festival. I have never seen such a perfect weekend in October. Except for the slight turning of the leaves the temperature felt like the middle of July. It actually was 91 degrees at 5pm Saturday, October 9, and the sky was a brilliant blue and not a cloud. Amazing. So many people took advantage of it...there were throngs of people gathered around tables at yard sales all along the route..I found some pink depression glass pieces, plates, cups and saucers and sugar and creamer, and of course I had to get my pumpkins and gourds at my favorite pumpkin patch. We travailed a dusty, gravely, bumpy road to follow an Amish man driving his 2 horse cart to his farm stand. If you look closely and zoom in on the picture you can see his little boy in a straw hat right down below him behind the horses. We didn't see the little boy until we enlarged the picture. The thought of living that life..the Amish way of life really appealed to me that day. No electricity yet a good wholesome life growing your own food and all your family living around you..not having to worry about what outfit you were going to wear each day and lots of homemade fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and apple pies! OYum...that seemed wonderful to envision on that day..maybe we were hungry for some good soul satisfying food. I wish we could have followed him on home.