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Friday, November 5, 2010

New Moon tonite! Write yourself a check..tuck it away, rattle the change in your pocket.
In parts of Britain, anyone seeking good fortune should bow to the new moon and turn over any silver coins in his pocket. The silver color of the Moon is rumored to have a direct affinity with the silver from which the coins were made. So if a person holds up a coin to a new moon and wishes for money, over the days ahead as the moon "increases" in size, so too will their bank balance!
If you show your pocket-book to the new moon, you will have twice as much money in it....
If you shake an empty pocket-book at the new moon, you will have it full of money before the next new moon..........................If you sleep with the moon on your face you will go mad...
Superstitions from the Kentucky Mountains.

UH_OH....I guess I know what happened to me!