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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do You Think It Is Dead? Maybe It's Just Dying!

I went to get a battery for our cordless phone at Staples last night because try as I might I couldn't revive it~I actually blamed KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong for leaving it on like old people do. The sales guy looked at it and said "whoa I've never seen one like this before!". It was so old they didn't even make batteries for it any more! He slid open the battery case, which I struggled and even tried to pry it off with a pliers to no avail~and the battery acid got all over his hands. He said "Ma'am, (you know you're old when they say Ma'am) I'm going to wash my hands and dispose of this relic right away so it doesn't eat through everything in your purse. I suggest we look for a new phone for you immediately". "Do you think it's really dead? Maybe it's just dying?" "Ma'am, I truly believe it is dead".
Had to spend a little bit of money but got one with 3 extra hand sets for all my other 3 rooms of this tiny house!
I had to apologize to KRLABTPSWW for accusing him of being old and neglectful.
...My son says that my generation holds onto things till they are beyond dead!...