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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Comeback Baby

My baby is back....Wynken...she was somewhere?? don't know where?...this summer...I was worried about her..but as I was taking a walk last Saturday...on another street...a little squirrel kept following me...climbing up and down trees as I walked slowly by...and tilted her head when she heard my voice...It was my beloved Wynken! Where you Bean? I cooed to her in my talking~to~the~squirrels voice...She recognized my voice (the voice that only animals can hear according to my kids)..followed me home..took a little bath on my front porch while she waited for her peanut...and then when I walked to the car to drive up the road...there she was trying to get into the car..No, no Wynken...you can't get into the car, darling...so she waited for me on the back porch rail....she knew I was going to buy her some more peanuts...she's such a smart little mysterious gal.