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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kitty...do you need a home?

Today is so cold and snowy....we didn't even realize it was going to snow today~guess we quit watching the weather channel. Since it is so cold it produces a problem for me and my niece. A cute grey and white cat has come around the house and is so cold and hungry, but he looks well fed and healthy. I gave him food in a cute cat bowl and he ate it all up, but the water froze almost immediately. He is under the sunroom right now since there is protection from precipitation but it is not too warm there. We have already named him...we call him Ollie and we are waiting for Michael to return home from work to see what we should do to keep him warm. You'll remember I lost my Miss Kitton of 12 years at the end of October and maybe this is a sign to save a life. We still have Miss Indy and I'm not sure how she will take to another cat, although she has always been very adaptable. I don't know how he behaves in the house either although by the looks of him, he is a house cat. We have a basement, but it is full and I mean full of stuff! What to do, what to do....I said 2 days ago that I don't want any more animals!...(for a while anyway)
Ok, he's home...and we're going out in the dark and snow now to find the kitty. Oh, of course, he's nowhere to be seen. And we had Michael talked into keeping him over night...maybe he'll appear tomorrow. Michael looked at me and asked...Didn't you just say we weren't going to get any more animals? I said, "yes, but, uh, I probably changed my mind". He said "we're going to have to build a shelter in the back yard..if we had cows you'd have them in the house!" Good thing we can't have cows in town...what about chickens...?