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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm So Dizzy, My Room Is Spinnin'

A nice long weekend we just had and I had some kind of creepin'crud sinusy cold thingy..I tried to do yard work to help KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong and look what it got me? Yeah it got me...2 Sundays ago I pulled the dusty ivy off the front of the house cause it was growing up over the windows and I didn't wear a mask..Well that resulted in dizziness for the next week but no headache..I usually get a headache when dust goes up my nose. Then it turned into a sore throat and then the sinusy cold attack..and it was 100 degrees this past Saturday (today it is 65 degrees tops). All I could do was lay on the bed since I had no energy..amazing what sinus attacks can do to your body let alone your equilibrium. By Sunday I felt better and made myself clean the inside of the house~Where I Belong~ even though there is dust there too, but my sinuses are used to those dust mites and their homes.
When I clean and vacuum I love to move things around and KennyRogersblahblahblah never knows where anything is gonna be when he gets home..but that is part of the fun. If you recall I just had to buy those leopard chairs that made you sit up straight for the living room. Well, since no one was home and I could movestuffaroundandputitbackifIdon'tlikeitandthereisnoonetotellmeIcan't~I moved them into the dining room around the dining table~they are actually supposed to be dining room chairs but I had them in the living room because I have a very tiny house. They look great in there except you can't have more than 2 people dining at a time. Whatever.....We can store the wooden chairs in the basement and bring them up if people ever come over~that's simple isn't it? So then I put the high heel chairs that are in the living room in the place where the leopard chairs were. That looked great to me...so I took pictures to show KennyRogersetc...he does so much better if he can just look at my ideas instead of thinking that I have cemented items to the floor...I guess that's what he thinks when I say...How about lets move this......That always initiates a big NO I LIKE THINGS THE WAY YOU HAD IT ORIGINALLY~DON'T GO CHANGING EVERYTHING EVERY OTHER WEEK!.....furniture and accessories are easy to move and they aren't set in cement, ya know..is my answer...but anyway taking pictures and and showing what could be was a much better idea. Only thing holding me back from keeping all the chairs in their new places is that there is no room in the basement for the wooden dining chairs. But someday there might be after he goes through all that memorabilia he has stored for posterity or whatever.
Looking at the photos I noticed a spirit orb~are you familiar with spirit orbs? They are little orbs of energy left by someone..usually that you love~the spirit orb is right where our dear little cats used to lay whenever I moved the furniture around while they were still with us. Funny, I was thinking so strongly of them when I was hoisting those chairs...they must have come back to join in the fun again as they loved it when I moved furniture when their daddy was at work and they never snitched! the spirit orb is in the last photo to the left of the high heel chairs