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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Choose a Life

Would you like to step back in time and experience a "past" life~in your mind? Would you live in a big old mansion or a covered wagon? Would you have a good parlor that was used only on Christmas and Easter, or a pan to cook in and to wash up in? Would you live on a sailing ship? Would you sift for gold? Would you be a Civil War doctor or a Scarlet O'Hara? Would you be a sulky racer or a newspaper printer? Would you be a suffragette or a President's wife? Would you wear dresses every day? Would there be no use for cars because every shop, school and office would be within walking distance? Would you be one of the workers who helped open King Tut's tomb? Would you be one of the Mayans who developed the Mayan calendar? Would you be a flapper or a fortune teller? The ideas are endless. Choose a Life and let your imagination run wild! Let me know what your "past" life would be.