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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Have I Been Doing???

Gosh! Have I been lost in blogland's vacant mind swirl or what? Suddenly my blog friends, family members and even KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong have been asking and nudging me to post on my blog again.
Weird Spring...Hot as Hades summer...brain was numb and soggy from cold and rain and now it feels like a soupy sauna-ed plop of protoplasm...How About That Description???!!!
I actually like heat but when it feels like it is raining inside my body and then overflowing and running out of my forehead and eyelids I think I am tempted to call out~Enough!
My squirrels don't seem to be complaining much although I do see them draped across the limbs of the pear and crab apple trees...and the cute thing about them is that they gather around me for their peanuts and then go up into the trees closest to my swing where I nap and they lie down too..watching to see how long all of us can be restful. Once in a while Luke Danger (the orange fluffy love boy cat from next door) comes meandering in and causes one of the furry darlings to sound the alarm...she gets worked up and then works up the others until I finally have to say...'alright, it is time to stop barking ( have you ever heard a squirrel bark?)and every body needs to take a nap!' Know what? They did just what I told them to do...they are so obedient..I am a great mother to this nature bound habitat! Squirrel Whisperer! That's me!
As you have previously read we are now a catless household...missing those two 'sisters' very much but one advantage is no more cleaning poop from the litter pan. So for a while I was silently reveling in that one less chore..no more poop. However, now that the final housebound cat is gone, a tiny mouse has decided to move into the kitchen and I find myself having to spray and wipe up little 'tidbits'(nice way to put it~however I don't say that so nicely to myself at 5:30am) So no matter how I try to get around it...poop happens.
Hopefully summer will get a little more exciting as it heats up even more!