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Friday, December 3, 2010

Mr. Toast's 2nd Annual Christmas Tea

I have just received by special courier our calligraphy penned invitation to Mr. Toast's 2nd Annual Christmas Tea.
I have quite astutely , purchased our travel arrangements to Scotland. As luck would have it, Ralph Fiennes and I will be traveling in high style. For this much touted event, no expense should be spared~however, we were very lucky~perhaps the reservationist realized it was The Ralph Fiennes and his companion and that made all the difference in the world!
So much ado about the incidentals...here is what I will be enveloped in when attending the ball on the arm of the most delicious man in the world.

First we will fleetingly visit Kenilworth Castle for Ralph~he misses England so~and then onto Scotland.
Ralph and I are very excited to meet my blogger friends at The Christmas Tea~Lord Thomas of Wellington and Ladycat, Willow, A Brit in Tennessee..and many more that I haven't met by written word yet. I have told him all about them and he is hoping that when they see him they will look beyond the recent role of Voldemort and see him as Heathcliff....as I visualize him as always.
I am going to rest a wee bit now before we leave on our excursion...this dress needs a suitcase all it's own. I wonder if the airline will bock at my antique trunk...a girl must have a full size trunk to transport a ball gown.


Mmm said...

Kim, how VERY exciting. Welcome! I wil be sure to post your date book entry up on my sidebar. good you got RALPh quicka s I expect other will want him too ....and that GORGEOUS dress of yours. Wow LOve it. you are gogin to look Soooo glamorous, let me tell you. the ladies will be most jealous i suspect. :)

give my regards to the the proprietors of K. Castle, btw.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Kim, I so look forward to meeting you at the 'bash', we'll have a grand time :)
Love your dress, so exquisitely beautiful.

Sophia said...

OH....MY....GOSH!!!! What a grand dress and a VERY hot date! You go girl! hee :) See you in a few days...I'm off to the airport now to meet my pilot,etc. Keep an eye out for more details on my blog later!

Wanda said...

Oh that's just the most gorgeous dress ever.... can't wait to see you in person.

We will have a grand time... Mr. Toast will have everything perfect I'm sure... He is such a sweetie!

Bee's Blog said...

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

Looking forward to meeting you once we get out of a snowed up Heathrow,

Rebecca said...

That is one exquisite gown! I love it...

And your date is the essence of sophistication. He is so incredibly handsome(not to mention talented)- certainly one of my fav. actors of all time. Might I take a turn on the dance floor with him?...:)

I loved him in Wuthering Heights but will always see him as Count Almasy (The English Patient)...((sigh))...

See you at the grand event on Sunday!

Betsy said...

Ohhh...Kim! Ralph won't be able to take his eyes off of you in that red gown! That is just lovely!

Heather said...

Oh you lucky girl. I love Ralph - gorgeous dress too. Looking forward to meeting you at the Tea! xxoo

LadyCat said...

Kim, what a beautifu red gown...perfect for a holiday tea! And Ralph is so dreamy, you are a lucky girl. I am so looking forward to meeting you : )
BTW you have a lovely blog here.

Birdie said...

What a gorgeous dress!
What a gorgeous date!

Things get more exciting by the minute! See you very shortly.