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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There's Work To Be Done In That Thar House

    Endless days and nights of bright blue days and midnight blue starry nights. Sounds like heaven doesn't it?  Just don't look inside the house.  You see the kittens of dust scattering about, felting the surfaces and fading the colors from our sight. Ya'grow used to seeing that speck of tree mulch on the foot rug in front of the door.  I should stoop to pick it up, I should get the micro cloths out and sweep away the protective covering from the sideboard. Seems like I remember those orange glass vases being much more brilliant.  My, I never noticed that mirror to look so antique...wait it isn't antique, it is dusty, swirly film from living with the overhead fan on for 5 months straight.  Things are sliding out of the freezer...a refrigerator should look like a magazine page with all sorts of goody treats and delectable meats, cheeses and vegetables.  Instead it looks like a tupperware convention, only the containers are not tupperware~they are the least creative pieces of previously used plastic. Why do I keep them?  My daughter uses glass containers for leftovers~I should be less thrifty and vow never to have plastic in the fridge again.
KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong uses hair spray and powder...man-scaping stuff he calls it.  I call it 'glue for the fuzzy powder dust' on the bathroom walls. I just don't seem to have motivation to vacuum the furry walls every week when the sun is shining~I believe I need rain.  But the squirrely thing is, I don't get motivated to clean on cloudy days.  I may have to buckle down and ignore the sunshine.  My English friend is coming for a visit and if you remember the last time she came she vacuumed the same spot for 10 minutes and then we had to take the vacuum cleaner apart to change the bag and the engine belt. We had to clean the rug well enough so we could roll up in it.  I wrote about it. She made me clean the spot in the oven before she baked the scones. Better get off here and get some house-scaping done. We've got a lot of rollin' and bakin' and baskin' to do while the sun is shinin'.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Looking forward to Autumn~in a way.  I don't really mind the heat but we have had tons of heat this summer...I say tons because heat in Indiana feels heavy..and it feels heavy on your body...making it difficult to walk...your thighs stick together and your legs feel so heavy you can barely put one foot in front of the other... you look and feel like you are walking through water...in slow motion. It makes you sigh and your neck feel damp and drippy and then the mosquitos come and feed on your damp, hot, heavy, drippy skin.  They like to gather on my wrists and ankles in particular...these Black Asian Tiger mosquitoes that have little white rings around their legs like they have stripey socks on.  Oh, how I long to just sit outside on my swing during the day and evening without the sheen of mosquito repellent on my skin.   But no, I have to be a shiny bauble slick with DDT or whatever is in this repellent spray so that I can just go out and fill the bird and squirrel feeders.  I know they see me coming and they just hope in their little black heads that I have forgotten to spray the crap on me so that they can have a nice big swig of fresh, non-repellent blood.  Doesn't matter what time of day or night it is, these little stripey vampires are out and about.  They seem to love the bright, hot sunshine.  Darned if I know why.  So I am looking forward to a little cooler weather just so that I can sit outside and enjoy the endless blue skies that we have been having since April and so that I will no longer be a picnic basket for a nit!