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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I think I may have to borrow some of Betsy's (My Five Men blog) cats! As you know mine are gone now and some one cute has decided to move on up the stairs. And he is soo cute and I named him which is a real no no but you know how I am with animals (rodents in particular) Yes, Lil'Buddy has decided that he is king of the hill now and had been making his presence, though not physical presence, known of a morning when I am getting ready for work. Well, the other night I was on the phone to my sister and we talked till about 12:30am and I decided to go into the kitchen. The lights were burning bright and there 'him' was, dark gray with velvety ears, bright black button eyes and the tiniest feets I ever saw! He was only about 2inches long. I can't help it, people, he is darned cute..looks just like a toy, honestly. I just want to scoop him up and put him in a cage with a wheel to run around in. My son was appalled. He said, "Mom! you can't keep him as a pet!" I just looked at him. He said "I know how you are! Mom they can eat your wiring and burn your house literally down and besides they are a health hazard!" Ok ok, but I'm not killing him. I will find a humane trap and take him where he can be cute somewhere else. So now I am looking at themousedepot.com for one...the testimonials are great. And I know what you are thinking..you better get several cause there is never just one mouse. OK OK OK. Now if he was a bug I would place death traps everywhere! I am petrified of bugs.
Shhhh~know what?~I am getting tired of mouseproofing the kitchen every night before I go to bed. I'm ordering right now. Ok, Ok, he'll just have to be cute somewhere else.
Photo borrowed from Guzer