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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Major Award

I've won a Major Award! A Major Award! And no it's not that leg lamp from Christmas Story ..although I have one..did you doubt it, my dears? AdrielleRoyal of Challenges Met gave me a Stylish Blogger Award..I love her inspirational and lovely blog and am so happy to have found her.

It works like this:

•Thank and link back to the person that awarded me
•Share 7 things about myself
•Pay it forward to recently discovered bloggers
•Contact those bloggers about the award

Some things about myself:

..I love music but cannot play an instrument of any kind
..I love the wonder of words
..I paint murals on my walls on Sunday afternoons
..My kitchen drawer is full of paint tubes for when I get the urge
..I would like to step back in time just for a few days
..I am the genealogist of my family and friends
..I would rather write,and read and feed squirrels than cook

And now I pass the award onto these recently discovered stylish bloggers:

Ted and Bunny ...makes me laugh and I love her Kit

ILoveMyHouse ....feel like she is related to me thru my new Dutch Son-in-law

Woolfenbell ...so creative and she makes me laugh w/every day correspondence

Serendipity ..such a tender person and inspirational friend

Trashsparkle la femme anglaise...she makes me laugh so hard...I love to laugh

DaveandAllie ..not only is he my Godson, he is an incredibly good writer

Found,Now Home ..interesting decor & photos by an U.S.girl in England

A Heron's View ...my Irish poet buddy who sent me his 100 poems in his own voice

Can't pick just 7 sorry!