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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The little pond outside my office is alive and thriving. The Canadian geese have had their little goslings, the Blue Heron is on the pond nearly all day long now and I just saw a turtle head sticking up out of the water at the shoreline sunning himself!

On the homefront, one my squirrels isn't fareing as well. One of them has mange mites and she is very ill looking..so I think today KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong is going to stop by the Exotic and Wild Animal vet and pick up some Ivermectin for me to administer to my little darlings. A very kind new patient of the dental practice I work for who just called to make an appointment (I have the uncanny knack of having detailed but short conversations with people on the phone~I don't know a stranger) told me he is going to stop by and bring me some also since he is well versed in the administering of such medications. We have the best patients...how thoughtful of him! So hopefully soon all wildlife habitat arenas around me will be alive and thriving!