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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon

My Aunt Helen once told me that instead of the "man in the moon face"..she saw the profiles of two people kissing...I can see that too.
Perhaps if it gets close enough, I can jump on.

Photo borrowed from Google

What My Grandma Was Like...

Adrielle and Rachel,
My grandma was a wonderful cook..wonderful roasts and mashed potatoes and angel food cakes..everything from scratch, the kind of food that made your tummy hurt after you ate because you ate so much..remember that feeling?
Her house was so neat and tidy, she even dusted the things in the attic..she never wore pants, always a house dress and hosiery. She 'creamed' her face with Lady Esther cold cream after their noon meal which was always eaten at 11am. Her dresser drawers were very tidy and fragrant of powder. Her lips always moved when she read the newspaper to herself. She taught me how to skip and jump rope well into her 70s.
When my children were born, I asked my grandma for the answer to any questions..I didn't call the doctor or look it up in a book..she always knew just what to do.
She shared the old family pictures and stories with me..my love of the past came from that sharing. I soaked up all I could of the stories but alas a few things were left untold or perhaps just were interrupted by chores that needed attention.
There are so many things I need answers for now.