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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's amazing what you find out about people that you have known only for a short while. I met Phyllis Adair-Ward through the dental office where I work. I always admired her style and calm way of speaking. She always has the most fashionable clothes and we talk about clothes and she brings me bags of jewelry that she no longer wears because she knows I love jewelry especially jewelry that has been worn by my friends~means something special~a little piece of themselves. How lucky am I?!
I discovered not only her fashion sense but that she is a published author. When I found this out, I immediately ordered her book Wind Chimes and Promises. I read away...couldn't put it down curled up in my sun room till late at night imagining what it must have felt like to move north from Georgia to an urban Midwestern city. What a delightful book, so easy to read because the words and images flow on the pages just like Phyllis speaks. Phyllis wrote this book for her mother as a promise and it is a story that is worth repeating and continuing. This book is a unique true testament of love written in her mother's rich voice restitching the rich, colorful family quilt of memories.

"There are few sounds sweeter than the sound of promises kept. The sound is like wind chimes. If you listen closely, you can hear it."~ Phyllis J. Adair
I highly recommend this book...you will be moved.