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Monday, May 3, 2010

Stormy Weather Party Preparation

Gosh, makes me feel kinda weird that I do a post on the fun times my son and I had in Nashville, Tennessee and now they are devastated by serious flooding! I sometimes think of a person or a place before something happens. Do you ever do that? It's creepy I know. I'm not a psychic but perhaps I get "vibes" about things. The news says that the Grand Ole Opry is damaged by flooding waters and they mentioned since it is the music city a lot of musical instruments will be in jeopardy.
It is storming here in Indiana tonight but not as much rain as 14 inches in 36 hours! At least I hope not. The temperature has dropped quite a bit since I got home from work which always brings about a rash of storms. I love storms but not storms with bad consequences. Hopefully, the weather will clear up because we have a big party planned for this weekend! My daughter and her Dutch Boy fiance are flying here to meet the family before their wedding in July. We want to have the party outside where we have been working so hard. You know the feeling, I'm sure. You have to beat yourself up with projects before a party! Instead of relaxing and getting into the groove of partying, we are hammering and mulching and planting and cleaning and cooking! Well, we're trying to mulch..weather isn't cooperating much. The Kenny Rogers Look-Alike will probably be laying mulch as the party guests arrive! Ha Ha! It's been done before!!! And he has to fix the fence that warped over the winter. Now, any suggestions on what to serve that is easy and stress free for a bunch of relatives~say about 11 of them, for a party that will start in the late afternoon till late in the night?