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Friday, December 3, 2010

Mr. Toast's 2nd Annual Christmas Tea

I have just received by special courier our calligraphy penned invitation to Mr. Toast's 2nd Annual Christmas Tea.
I have quite astutely , purchased our travel arrangements to Scotland. As luck would have it, Ralph Fiennes and I will be traveling in high style. For this much touted event, no expense should be spared~however, we were very lucky~perhaps the reservationist realized it was The Ralph Fiennes and his companion and that made all the difference in the world!
So much ado about the incidentals...here is what I will be enveloped in when attending the ball on the arm of the most delicious man in the world.

First we will fleetingly visit Kenilworth Castle for Ralph~he misses England so~and then onto Scotland.
Ralph and I are very excited to meet my blogger friends at The Christmas Tea~Lord Thomas of Wellington and Ladycat, Willow, A Brit in Tennessee..and many more that I haven't met by written word yet. I have told him all about them and he is hoping that when they see him they will look beyond the recent role of Voldemort and see him as Heathcliff....as I visualize him as always.
I am going to rest a wee bit now before we leave on our excursion...this dress needs a suitcase all it's own. I wonder if the airline will bock at my antique trunk...a girl must have a full size trunk to transport a ball gown.