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Monday, July 12, 2010

Wacked Out Friends

My best friend, Suzanne is here this week to visit me. She is English and resides in Florida. We've known each other for 30 years. We have been spending our days shopping in my closet and combining outfits for me to wear to my daughter's wedding on July 31...more about that later!...she has approved of my ensemble for the afternoon wedding in the rhododendron garden, let me buy the shoes that she had just bought for herself before she came because they looked great on me...she has cooked soup, fixed lunch, hoovered (vacuumed)my house and we have laughed and laughed and criticized the photos we have taken of ourselves..KennyRogersLookAlike can't quite figure out why we do that! hahaha It's the dynamic of our relationship, hers and mine. She has cooked such artistically beautiful food that my body wasn't used to it..so she gave me a massage and we were able to laugh into the wee hours of the morning again since she cured my stomach ache! We have even taken our temperature every morning since she says that if it is lower than the norm 98.6 it is the indication that your thyroid is wacked...hahaha my temp was 88.5...we laughed about that...she said I must be dead! I keep checking it and I think my digital thermometer is wacked! I haven't laughed this much for years! We've been laughing at our wrinkles and our"several laughing chins" as I call them. She is in the bathroom now fixing her hair and complaining about her recent haircut that makes her look like a football head!! She is saying she wants to look like she did when she was 40...I'm trying to reassure her that she actually looks better now...but she's not convinced...hahhaa. She's fed up she just muttered! WE love to fuss this way! And still KennyRogersLookAlike doesn't understand this at all..She just said "in her family they used to say You don't know if you want to shit or get a haircut" She says right now she is not satisfied with either one! I am giving you a play by play recap like they do on the sports shows! Believe it or not we got up at 8:30 this morning after laughing till 4:30am and it has taken us till now 4:15pm to get ready to leave to the house to do a bit of shopping...typical day for us. A good full day for us!