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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Kindness Long, Long Ago

When I was a little girl, at Christmas time, my parents took me and my little sister to a candy shop that was way up on a top floor of a department store and you could see the skyline from the windows.  I remember that clearly, but I remember more what happened there. 
I was gazing at the wonderful glass candy cases with the most magical and sparkly candy treats nestled inside.  I spied this little round bellied elf, with his big cheeks and his velveteen little red suit. There were two elves, but he had the most sparkly crested head of shiny,glamorous glitter.  His cone hat looked like it was encrusted with diamonds and to my mind back then, glitter was just as desirable.  Anything that sparkled caught my eye.  My favorite color was sparkle.
 Mother was busy buying the lemon filled dark chocolate bonbons and the delicious honey comb candies covered with rich, dark chocolate.  I asked Mother and Daddy if I could have this little elf of Christmas with his belly filled with colorful fruit filled hard candy.  They could clearly see I was enraptured by this faux diamond spectacle, but they smiled and sweetly said no, not today and my Daddy held my hand gently as he picked my sister up in his arms.
My face must have fallen to the floor.  I fought back the tears, longing for my little magical guy, but I turned to follow mother and daddy from the shop. As I turned from the candy case I was so disappointed to see an older man step up in front of us and ask to buy the little gem of an elf, the very one I was looking at with the most glitter of the two in the glass case.
My heart just sank.
  Just as swiftly as Ole Saint Nick himself, the man thrust the little bejeweled elf into my hands and ran out the door.
  I never even saw his face or got a chance to thank him. I'll never forget this miracle of kindness.  My mother said I must have reminded him of a little girl he once knew. I prefer to think he was the real Santa Claus. 
Daddy quietly purchased the other glittered elf for my sister and I was glad for her.