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Monday, December 27, 2010

Can She Do It?

Time to think about the New Year's resolutions? Nah.I don't have any resolutions...I never keep them or else I make them too outrageous and unreachable. How about trying to be calm and happy and clutter controlled...I mean control my clutter. Yeah right..."In my mind"..as I always have said and have been kidded about saying that phrase..I want to put everything away and have table tops that you can 'lay'on. When I go to one particular friend's house...her table and dresser tops are clear as an icy reflective pond...I run up to them and lay my torso across the spans between a vase and a lamp. Such freedom I feel doing that. I tried it at home. Took me a half an hour just to remove the stuff so I could see the spans! Maybe the magic will work after January 1. Yeah, that might do it..... Is there a rule about keeping up the New Year's resolution through out the year? This might be one of those unreachable goals...I'll try it and let you know.