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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time Traveller

I am a time voyager...I travel almost every day, researching family lines. The past..why do I search? Perhaps it holds truths to the present and future. I wonder about the people that ate off the antique plates and stirred with the spoons that are stored in my cupboards ~I wonder about the lips that have touched the glasses and cups that I use every day~ I strain to listen, hoping to catch a faint ghostly uttering of what was discussed over the mashed potatoes and gravy boat so long ago. I wonder if the creak I hear in this old chair is the same creak my great grandmother heard under her long, black skirt or if she found the tick tock of her old kitchen mantel clock as soothing as I do. I wonder about how it felt to live in that big old farmhouse when it was first built and I realize that nothing in these old trunks smelled musty when they were newly tucked away. It makes me long for the past~ to briefly be in the presence of my ancestors~just for a little while to get the feel of their lives. Did they ever wonder about me? I feel I know them~I stare at their photos, I lie awake at night and imagine them moving about in their daily lives. I search through old photos and hope that I will perhaps someday have a revelation about the identity of the nameless faces that have been kept boxed for over 100 years. Many long hours are spent endlessly researching with cousins and newly found friends as we passionately seek the secrets of our family ties..some things we find we just keep to ourselves...too complicated to tell the others~too hurtful to tell some~relationships too overwhelmingly complex to share in a short email with relatives that just don't have the time to take it all in. And then there are some stories that are just truly myths, but have been so believed for so long that we will never have the heart to dispel. Yes, I travel to the past in my mind.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chair Fixation

New chairs...oh the thrill of it all. 14 months ago I purchased new chairs for the tiny living room...they were leopard print and you had to sit straight up and at attention...not so comfortable...so moved them out and about to other rooms...now found some relaxing chairs...much better fit. We already had the funky high heel chairs from long ago...KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong loves these new ones...he says though that I have a mass collection of chairs to match the mass collection of pillows that are tucked away in bins...which I do but you can never have enough chairs and pillows..(don't know the reasoning behind this statement, but it sounded good when I typed it...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eve

I've gone off chocolate and jelly beans as last year I ate so many jelly beans I broke out in hives! Now Chocolate is giving me headaches and not tasting so good to me anymore. I usually boil and color Easter eggs but I haven't done that this year either..too busy working in the yard and spring cleaning the house. But that is a good thing and I will think about what Easter is all about on Easter Day, appreciating all the nature around me, while I am with someone close to me named Easterday! Now, that being said, I have shamed myself into putting the pot to boil..