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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bathroom and Sleeping Car Robert

Morning bathroom time is a communal bonding time in the sleeping car~Very early in the morning while it is still dark,everyone stands in the tight hall with their pajamas and slippers waiting for the one person toilet and shower to become unoccupied. While you wait and chat (hopefully not whispering about how many butts y'all saw pressed up against the windows during the night)the person at the back of the line near the coffee pot and the O J fills the glasses and cups and passes them up the line.
Well, finally it came my turn to go into the tiniest toilet room I have ever seen except for an airplane. I am a publictoiletphobiac~ so this was a challenge for me trying not to touch anything and hold my breath at the same time. Just as I got all settled down in the dimly lit water closet after completely draping the stool with seven layers of toilet paper..the lights went out.. AUGHHHHHAAAAAAY Hey!Hey!Help!I screamed "Sleeping Car Robert!What do I do now!I'm still on the john!" I could hear a roar of laughter. I timidly emerged to passengers doubled over as Sleeping Car Robert explained the train cuts power when it goes over the Mississippi River so nothing gets flushed into it!
I miss the train!