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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ventriloquist Dummy Birthday Sag

It's just about that time again~ another decade just spun out, rolled over and hit the wall! splat.. 10 years gone in the wink of a hooded eyelid....

"Look in the mirror and don't smile" he uttered tight-lipped, squinting his eyes, studying my face. I swear I resent that little "BotoxandWrinkleFillerPushin' Rep that said "Mmmm, awyyeass, you have elevens on your forehead and marionette lines around your mouth"!!..does he not know that I like to actually move my face to express emotions and that I don't really want my belly button pulled up onto my chin?! Couldn't he tell that as my crinkled eyes shot daggers at him through my Gatekeeper spectacles while my creased marionette strings snapped?~

However, I have been wondering who that woman is in my bedroom mirror every morning~and I wish that sumo wrestler would quit tagging along with me to the dressing room when I'm trying on swimsuits!...

Things are sliding downward pretty fast now..might need some Emergency Liposuction 'cause the way it looks, I might not have time for a scheduled appointment.

the 'Ladies~Eula and Mae' are full time residents in my sister's dining room