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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rereading an Old Friend

Love, love biographies of poets, authors and artists~in particular Picasso and Van Gogh. The bio written by Francoise Gilot called Life With Picasso is one that I reread every year~it's like a familiar smell that takes you to that pleasant place in your mind..an old friend that you long to spend unlimited, uninterrupted time with. Francoise has total recall of her life with him. It's amazing that she can remember all the things he said, she said and the dialog of people around him. How does one do that? Here is the link of an interview with Francoise Gilot with Charlie Rose~
Francoise Gilot is a French painter and the mother of Paloma Picasso, the French/Spanish fashion designer. She is so incredibly talented and sure minded that I'm not sure if Picasso's life was so rapturous to me or her delivery of the recollection of their life together that made it appear so. Granted, he was a very profound and prolific artist and many bios have been written about him. For sure, he had a very strong and especially charismatic aura. But it is Francoise Gilot who is such a fascinating powerful woman and artist that has had a very compelling life. She had not only been with Picasso for 10 years from the time she was 21, but she was married to another outstanding man of the 20th century for 25 years, the research scientist Jonas Salk, the inventor of the Polio vaccine.
Please enjoy this interview..it is 1 hour long but well worth the time spent listening to this gifted woman of intellect and talent.
If you can pick up this book Life with Picasso by Francoise Gilot and Carlton Lake, you will thoroughly enjoy it. There was a movie also made called Surviving Picasso starring Anthony Hopkins based on the unflattering book Picasso Creator and Destroyer by Arianna Huffington. It is on DVD. It was enjoyable to me but not authorized by Francoise Gilot or her children.
.....I'm off to reread again......