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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally Summer..

Finally it is summery feeling...hoping the bad things stop happening and am looking forward to being outside like we were today and yesterday...working on this little tiny yard that is more work than 40 acres...we need a mule!
Finally got some flowers to make it look like summer.
Finally have seen a few squirrels early in the morning and later in the evening...too hot!
Finally hoping to see fewer bad strong storms.
Finally hoping I can get somewhat of a tan so my skin won't be in shock!

Lookin' For A Better Rest of June

ManCave Fun!

just realized I haven't blogged since May 20th! Gee, what has been goin' on?
Well, lots of things actually...think there has been a couple of "bad moon risings" lately!
KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong took 10 days off at the end of May for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, as you might recall..he had Man Cave Week which started off fine..but then his sweet little 140 year old kitty decided that it was going to be her last week of her nine lives and showed definite signs of getting ready to go to Kitty Heaven. She pined away for him every day and night till I finally had to put a call into "the cave" wherever that was and tell him that no matter what..come flood or tornado or speeding race cars...you have to come home now for your kitty.
Well, he knows that I have a keen sixth sense so he left the cave and the other men and drove home through hail stones and swirling tornadoes literally to be home with her. She was so happy to see him..even if she couldn't walk a straight line without falling over. The next day he had to make the decision...glad I didn't have to.. this time.
We, then, went to visit his cousin in southern Indiana that I have written about...the singer and Elvis impersonator..to give his morale a boost since he had to have emergency abdominal surgery right after he sang for us and the senior citizens in French Lick, Indiana. All that in May.
June started out quiet until we got the call that our best friend was in the hospital having surgery on his broken leg...seems that he put too much pressure in the tires on a two-wheel dolly and when he picked it up to put it in his shed...bam it exploded at the metal wheel hit him in the shin and broke his leg...of course he said he left his cell phone on the kitchen counter...had to crawl backward in the 90+ degree heat to the house to call his daughter and 911. One thing we learned from that bad accident...carry your house phone or cell phone with you outside when you are just doing mundane errands..even if you go down to the basement...you never know when the bad moon is going to be rising!