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Friday, August 5, 2011

Right before our little evening 'visitor' (that is what themousedepot.com affectionately calls them) moved on up, I was walking through Lowe's in search of braided wood trim for the tops of my cabinets. For the past 17 years I inherited with the house a trim that was spindled on the top of my cabinets. I never really liked it...it was ok but not the European look I go for. So since I hadn't done much decorating for a long time (which is really not me..don't know what I've been doing but it wasn't decor related)I decided I could (~in my inexpensive~make~ something~out~of~something~else~but~keep~the~old way) attach the braid wood trim over the spindles. I painted it black. (KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong of course repainted over what I had painted because I missed a couple teenny weeennny spots for heaven's sake)and he cut them to size. He helped me put them up ~I thought I could do it myself while he was out but they kept flipping around and I almost fell into the sink a couple times~so he could see 'bein' a woman and all' I might need some manly man help. Got that accomplished with happiness! Then while I had been at Lowe's I saw a valance for the kitchen window on sale for about $11 still in the package but the package looked like it had been run over by a two wheeler truck, so they put it on sale. A darling toile 2 layered valance no worse for wear. Now this might not sound so astonishing but I have never had a valance at a window before..I don't like draperies and I am the kind that makes up my window coverings or enhancements from place mats to napkins and tablecloths at the windows. So for me to buy a ready-made meant~to~hang~in~a~window was a first for me. For many years I had my copper pots hanging in this window from iron rods. Even though it is ready-made I had to use my creativity to hang it...I didn't want a conventional rod so I hung a plate rack and suspended an iron rod from it and ruched on the fabric to that. Ah this made me happy since it wasn't conventional. Well, KennyRLAblahblahblah....came home and said "I don't think I like that..I miss the copper pots and the kitchen looks darker." "Well! I exclaimed, "I looove it~it makes me happy!" I was so proud that I didn't back down and he just grinned and I want to think has grown to like it or maybe to tolerate it. I had those pots up there for years and years...he has to admit it was time for a change in that kitchen. So every time I go into the kitchen I feel happy..all because of a conventional curtain and some braided wood trim! I think that is why Lil'Buddy decided to take up residence in the happy place!