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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Enroute to Torosay Castle......lovely visit at Kenilworth Castle

I promised Mr. Toast that I would post some photos of my stay at Kenilworth Castle with Ralph Fiennes. Our stay was short but just enough for me to get the feel of England before trotting off to Scotland to Torosay Castle for the fabulous Mr. Toast's 2nd Annual Christmas tea. It was a bit snowy, but I didn't feel a bit chilled being with you-know-who. You may not know, but I fell madly in love with the elegant Ralph when I saw him in the 1992 film version of Wuthering Heights~my favorite book.And I have always been drawn to English men. Oh, how I longed to be Juliette Binoche as Catherine...they were perfect together so you can understand how awestruck I was when he graciously accepted my offer to the famously touted Christmas Tea of Mr. Toasts in Scotland. This fantasy trip is fulfilling every longing...and it's not over yet...the best is yet to come today!
It's a new moon today too....I am assured my purse will be full!


Lenora said...

That's a great bed! and a great tour - thanks! Do join our Family Christmas Tea with Mr Toast too!, here http://lenorita-lenoramoore.blogspot.com/

WrightStuff said...

Well you know I've never been to Kenilworth Castle even though it is less than an hour away. I guess it always get left out as its more glamorous neighbour Warwick takes the lion's share of the visitors. Thank you for sharing you trip with Ralph. My man is called Ralph too - he's very handsome as well - must be something in the name!

Kim said...

Kenilworth is more decadent and decayed...more subdued than Warwick..we like the ever presence of age.