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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Me Thinks Too Much

My friend, a fellow blogger who actually got me interested in blogging wrote a post today called Living In The Moment that made me think. After a long day of contemplation and perhaps a bit of stewing over the phrase 'living in the moment', a kitty landed on her lap to play with her toes. Yeah, I'd say that's living in the moment. You know when you think about it, moments are all we really have...but we never think of seizing the moment...we all put it in a big ball of wax as she put it and sometimes it just melts into a big glob of crud! Maybe we aren't meant to figure out stuff. Maybe we should just do like they did "back in the day". You know stuff like~they usually married so they could have a life partner to carry on life's work..they didn't look for "soul mates" and besides they were too busy working for the family to contemplate on how to keep it all together. Maybe that's how we should think...or maybe we shouldn't think too much at all. I'm an overthinker...I want all the details so that I can put together the story in my mind...my mind is not based on abstractions~but some people have said that I'm thinking about the non-pertinent things..well, I don't agree...everything is pertinent if it interests me~"momental pertinence". As I have aged (now,this has just suddenly happened to me recently by the way...without warning...the aging I mean..)I feel like grasping the little moments of a squirrel eating a peanut, a bird flitting to a branch, the neighborhood kitties coming for a treat of regular dry cat food I set outside that they think,~fools that they are! ~is a real treat, or the fact that I can put that 'primer/filler' putty makeup and lipstick on in the morning and still dance.