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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boy Friends

This week has been interesting~this week of Thanksgiving.
  I have had 3 men from my past contact me...43 years from my long ago past. Old boy friends but none that I ever dated. Some I remember a lot about and some that remember a lot about me that I never knew was known or thought about by them in those bye-gone days. All the  'shoulda, woulda if I coulda' memories come blurting out. The holiday of Thanksgiving brings the "reach out to the familiar" in people. We're getting older and want to connect..didn't know they wanted to 'connect' in our high school days.  They were all too shy. But now that we're older we can tell each other 40+year old thoughts. Quite flattering actually, but it is reassuring to know that there is no pressure other than friendship now.
  I'm thankful for the way they have made me feel this week.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Moon Promises....

It's the New Moon....write yourself a check for an enormous amount...the more the better.  Doesn't matter if you have it in the bank or not...like the little kids say "you have checks so you have money".   Theory is that if you write yourself a check or shake an empty purse at the New Moon by the next New Moon you will have money in your pocket or in your purse.  that's what they say....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A repairman came this morning to fix the siding a bit. He put the ladder up and went back to his truck. When he came back to the ladder, our squirrel Wynken, was sitting under it with her little hands up to her chest as they do, and she was staring at him. He looked at her and then at me. I said, 'She wants a peanut'. He again looked at her and then at me and then at her again...and said nothing.

Friday, November 9, 2012


November 9, 1968 at 11:02am, Indiana and Illinois felt an earthquake.
 I remember it like it was yesterday.
 It was my maternal grandparents' 50th Golden wedding anniversary. They would have been married 94 years today. November 9, 1918.
 My sister and I were at my Aunt Florence and Uncle Russell's house eating lunch while preparing and decorating for the big party that evening.
My aunt was in the kitchen bringing the luncheon plates to my sister and I as we sat across from each other in the small dining room.  My uncle was down in the lower level of their split level house in his fascinating radio room with all the radios and Morse Code contraptions and radio wave sounds from all over the world. He was a Short Wave Ham radio operator.  I always wondered if he could pick up sounds from Mars. 
 My chair started moving and shaking and I looked at my sister accusingly as my chair rocked and slid..  She exclaimed that her chair was rocking too and then we heard the windows rattle and we looked at each other as the blood ran out of our faces.  I said "I think we are having an earthquake! What should we do?"  We both envisioned the earth cracking open and swallowing us right then and there and realized there was no place to run to get away...It was an awful sick feeling.
We asked Aunt Florence if she felt anything but she did not. She'd been moving too fast on her feet in the kitchen.
  My uncle came upstairs when he heard the panic in our voices. He said he thought it was his heart beating hard enough to jolt his chair around and he was waiting for himself to keel over.  He announced that we indeed had just experienced an earthquake as confirmed by the other Ham radio operators he was talking with who were privy to seismographs from around the country and the world. 
 We have had several earthquake tremors since that day.  One was on my own wedding anniversary in 1974, but that was my first, and now, every November 9, I remember my grandparents 50th Golden wedding anniversary and my first quake. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today's Thoughts

"Do you think we choose to be born? Or are we fitted to the times we’re born into?" — Lincoln

The new movie "Lincoln" is coming to theatres tomorrow. I want to see it but just watching the trailer I about flooded my keyboard. I know it will be powerful and what perfect timing for what is happening in the USA right now. This is my take on things: This is not our granddaddy's America any more and we should stand united, not untied. The only true Americans are the Native American Indians and I am not sure they even have the right to vote. Perhaps we should have a Democratic President and a Republican Vice President or vice versa. Become one for all and no more separation. Both parties want the same things for the country....is this not true????? But ah, human nature seems to always have differences~it's just the way it is and probably always will be. Maybe it would be different if we weren't born with opposable thumbs.  
A set of little twins were just born...their names are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney...let us hope they will grow up in a house undivided~they will have individual choices having lived under the same roof with the same economic restrictions~let us hope they will respect each other.