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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Braved the Madding Shopping Crowd

Went shopping yesterday for clothes..just some shoes and a couple jackets. I have not been shopping, seriously, for clothes for 2 years, I'll bet. My friend Suzanne feels sad about that...not me, though! Like Tish from A Femme d'Uncertain Age I have so many clothes I just reinvent outfits from my tiny closet. I went to Stein Mart since it was such a pretty day and I had not been out for a couple days. They had the big 12 hour sale. Oh my gosh! There was not a parking slot and when I finally got parked very far away and entered the building I was not expecting what I saw. There were people everywhere! Throngs of people were entering the building just like a television commercial and I could hardly get in the door. Once in I was amazed that there were 5 check out lines and they all snaked back to the very back of the building. "Wow, do I really want to get involved in this mad house? Well Yeah~ I urged my stubborn lazy self, I need to get out of MY closet and look around at what's new in OTHER'S closets."
I found the couple of jackets and two pair of shoes (need comfortable yet stylish shoes with out high heels these days) Mission accomplished~and by then the lines were much shorter and moved very quickly..My, that was refreshing and not so painful~now I can blend more outfits together.