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Friday, January 20, 2012

A January Friday Diary

This morning I worked at the dental office as I usually do on Friday mornings, for about 4 hours and it is usually very calm and quiet as I am there without patients. Thought about getting a lot done this morning..while listening to Mellow Jazz.com and being able to actually hear it with out the dental drill (even though after 25yrs+I don't really 'hear'it any more) but alas 2 people called in first thing with emergencies and I had to call the 'our beloved darling' dentist out of a conference meeting into the office on this cold morning. I also made a new patient appointment for a lovely sounding lady from China with a name that sounds like bells ringing when you pronounce it. I told her that and she said 'You are very musical'. Awww that made me feel happy.
I came home after being tailgated the entire way by a young girl who would not have been able to stop her car without running into me so I just went very slowly until about 6 miles she left my lane..I couldn't even see her in the side rear mirror she was that close..geez.
I went to the grocery for a few things and couldn't even get down the fresh produce aisle because 2 men were stocking items and had all their wares blocking me and this little old lady who had boxes on her cart...didn't ask her what those were for even though I had to keep picking them up for her as they fell off. Then another lady who had on a beautiful full length coat that looked like mink but was not, kept getting in my way whenever I wanted to look and choose ...she wanted to look and choose the same items...I liked her coat though so it didn't bother me much...we have a very small neighborhood grocery store.
I finally got to the parking lot to load my groceries and it had started sleeting so the passenger side car door was frozen shut...ok, so I used the driver's side even though it was gonna be harder to get the groceries out when I got home.
I arrived at home to see many lime green vested Hispanic men in every tree in my back yard and on my street..with tree trimmers and power saws. Aughhhh! I ran out and shouted to a man high in the top of my tree over the pond. He shook his head vigorously and called to someone named Rigo to (I am assuming) talk to the Senora. Around the corner and through the fence gate came Rigo who spoke English very well. I asked what are the men in the trees doing? They were just here 3 years ago and hacked a big chunk of my crabapple tree down. Are they taking my trees down? He assured me that they were only trimming small limbs away from the power lines and they are sent to do this every 2 years by the Power and Light Company. Oh, ok then, but I wished that KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong was home from his day off errands. Rigo noticed all my bird feeders and squirrel feeders and all the black oil seed shells that have formed a thick cushion of mulch under them. He said "Ah, the birds and squirrels must love you for feeding them" and as he said that they came in a flock and waited in the bushes for me to fill their feeders. He was in awe that I am like Snow White.
When they were finished trimming and walking away with their saws and clipped brush I had the thought that I needed a few branches clipped away in my pear trees that are now growing into the powerline that comes to the house. So I asked one of the men that I knew could not speak English if he would trim them for me. I pointed and then did a chop chop hand motion and he understood and did a really fast clean job. KennyRogersblahblahblah came home as I was out there sign languaging (he thought I was talking to squirrels until he saw all the lime green jackets in the neighors trees). He was very proud of me for breaking the language barrier and relieving him of the task that might have electrocuted him. That would definitely not be good.
We then went to the flea market as we still had our coats on and it just wasn't the same as it used to be when we were buyers and sellers in that realm. I didn't even find anthing that I don't already have. That was disappointing but a revelation of how much stuff we really have. Skeedaddled off to grab some dinner and I saw a man dining alone. I felt sorry for him..he seemed lonely with a cast on his leg...I always make up stories about people in my mind when I observe people at random. I heard a cell phone ring and he answered it and I then realized that he was no longer lonely..as long as people have cell phones that ring loneliness may not loom so big after all. So tonite as the sleet and snow and wind is falling and howling, I am thinking of the bell ringing name and the birds and squirrels that come when I call and the notsolonely man at the restaurant. Huh....a January Friday....


The Barn Door said...

Gosh that stuff at the grocery happens to me all the time!!! Hope you stay warm and safe!

adrielleroyale said...

Loved your "thought I was talking to the squirrels" comment - made me laugh out loud! :)

Betsy said...

This was a most enjoyable read! Glad the day turned out well after seeming to start out badly. sleet and young drivers. Eeek! ha.

I got a new faux fur coat for Christmas. People ...complete strangers..are petting it when I go out. ha. It's a little weird.

ilovemyhouse said...

Hi Kim, long time no see. Greta to hear from you and find my way back to your blog again. Great written post, you got talent girl!
Magazine can be bought in Holland, ask your son in law....:))