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Monday, December 26, 2011


I never did find the tree in the KingTutTombMinusAllTheGold basement this year. We all searched high and low..nowhere to be found although I'm sure there are caverns untouched in that junk receptacle down under.
But we got through the Christmas eve and Christmas day just fine with out all the regalia of broken ornaments and fake pine needles and dust...dust seems to accumulate faster in December when all the ornaments are on the tree and by December 26 I am usually really ready for Boxing Day...yeah, boxing up the faux branches and blown out light strands that KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong won't let me throw out because he just might work on them next year....we have piles of them from years gone by... don't have to worry about working on the half lit strands next Christmas..now do we?
We can look back and remember the tree last year~ and we can look forward and think about a much better New Year!



Betsy said...

Well, I'm glad it was a festive time, even without the tree! And I totally agree about the dust! Why is that? I always feel like everything is dirty and I'm ready to clean up the decorations and almost do a spring cleaning right after Christmas!

Kim said...

Isn't that so weird...I'm glad to hear you have the same problem..is it because it is up for a month and that's how much dust accumulates in a month when something stands still?

The Barn Door said...

How do you lose a Christmas tree!!!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i'll second that... on the dust part. well, our tree was put up, on x-mas eve. that's a first. it'll be playing back scene to another little do in a few days time, and that'll be it.
{oh, and mine came out of the box, fully dustridden...}

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh Kim thanks for your nice comment.
I know,i missed all of you too.I got so busy with my job and family and could not find any inspiration for blogging.
Now that i'm not werking for 8 days i seem to get it back...
All is well, thank God and i hope to make more posts again in 2012.
I wish you and your loved ones à happy,happy


adrielleroyale said...

Yes, for some reason, this year I couldn't have been more happy to be done with all the hooplah, so today I took down all the decorations and the tree and lights (my daughter helped quite a bit). Glad your Christmas went well despite the tree that went MIA :) I'm sure you'll find it when you're looking for something else completely unrelated, as that just seems to be the way it works lol ;)