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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Real Quick Post

It's not a real fix but just a band-aid. I stuffed the hole that Lil'Buddy was coming through in the kitchen with aluminum foil and then I taped over the aluminum foil with duct tape...good ol'duct tape. I didn't want to just tape over the hole in fear that Lil'Buddy would get stuck to it and not be able to escape...Ewwww that would not be good ...besides not being humane. So any way, the band-aid is working for the time being and Lil'Buddy is being cute down in the basement! I'll keep you posted!
Posted this update in case enquiring minds want to know.


LadyCat said...

I hope it works. Duct tape is the gretest of all inventions : )

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i need to say this.
imagination running riot?
lil'bud sticking to ducked tape?
rest assured.

Betsy said...

Hope it works! :)

Kim said...

Betsy, so far so good. I guess he is being cute in the basement where he belongs!
I do believe we need Taylor to come over. 2 nites ago there was screaming and hissing in the crab apple tree! I believe these raccoons are squaring off! At the end of the screaming Mike said there was a whimpering sound...awww.:(

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Hi Kim,
I know. Miserable summer. But I have to admit that I would rather deal with the heat than with daytime mosquitos! I wish I'd been off galavanting, but was just trying to get some things finished here at home.
My squirrels are beat too. Peanut spends the entire day on the terrace sleeping behind the fountain, which is in a corner with stucco walls around the back of it. He stretches himself out on the walls to keep cool. Poor thing. But he gets lots of peanuts thrown his way. It's like squirrel central over here. Take it easy, autumn's not too far away.
All the best,
Hello to the mouse.

sassytrash said...

I'm a new follower and a new FAN of your unique blog!! Especially loved your French Lick story!!!! How FUN!! I went there all the way from FL when my teenage boys just HAD to go to the hometown of Larry Bird!! (I have a funny story about the Spa there) Anyway, I can't wait to peruse all your past posts!