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Monday, August 29, 2011

Conversations in my day.....

My conversations on the phone with dental insurance associates...

9:34am Health Resources, Inc.
Me~My patient just got a denial on procedure code 4342. Does she not have benefits for 4341 and 4342.
Associate~I don't see a claim for either one of those codes. Are you sure?
Me~I know I have seen the denial.
Associate~Are you sure you didn't dream it?
Me~No...I'm not sure...it's difficult to tell my dreams from reality sometimes though.
Associate~Oh I see it now...you didn't dream it...you sent it in as a pre-treatment estimate for determination... Or else maybe I'm in your dream.
Me~That's right... my dreams do become reality though and I thought I recognized your voice from two nights ago!

10:15am Delta of New Jersey
Me~you have been so nice with your advise today on my patient's benefits. It makes my day much more pleasant especially since it started out with mice droppings at 5:30am as I was cleaning up the kitchen!
Associate~Oh, I know the perfect thing for you! Just let me find it on the internet for you...Ah yes...TheMousedepot...I have used it...it works...here...just type in themousedepot.com it will solve your problem for that cute little fellow. He is cute isn't he?
Me~Oh yes he is so cute. Thank you for all your help with my patient's benefits and for the benefit of my little mouse, Lil'Buddy, Chris. I hope I get to talk with you again sometime!

How does your day go???


ted and bunny said...

just reading you last post...I always thought it was called Duck Tape...doh!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

nothing like this, but i'm always expecting it... tee-hee.....