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Friday, October 1, 2010

We Need to Remedy This Someday

I was reading one of the blogs that I frequent, Posie Gets Cozy, and she had a really funny one today, called Friday Morning Thoughts on Remodeling Stuff. She made me realize the quirky things we have in our houses that we don't think anything about, until it is brought to our attention...embarrassingly.
We have lived in our house for 16 years and still have to wedge the apron hanging near the door to keep it latched. We think nothing of it until guests come and we have to tell them how to keep the door closed...embarrassing.
Or like when we go to the basement to wash the clothes. We wind ourselves down the narrow, cluttered basement stairs through the chaos of boxes that are head high full of stuff that we keep but really don't need..well, KennyRogersLookAlike thinks he does...and the thing is he doesn't even know what is really in them...I'm sure there is not hidden treasure. However, if I move a box ever so slightly...uh.. he knows it! I know I could become a tight rope walker pretty easily now since I know just how to keep my balance heel to toe toting a basket of laundry on my head in the dark. Then the next trick that I perform is screwing the light bulb in over the washer so I can see just how much room I don't have to open the dryer door which I have become very adept at holding open with my knee while I stretch into the washer and dislodge the damp clothes that have spun tight against the tub. You are probably thinking...why don't they get rid of that stuff or put in a light switch...guess it comes to our mind while we are doing the homely tasks but then it quickly goes out of the mind when we emerge back through the apron latched door into the world of light switches and calming decorated rooms.


The Barn Door said...

Love your pictures. You need to come and decorate my house!!!

Seriously...you need to decorate peoples houses!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

don't i know it! i've promised myself i won't be doing that again, in the new house.... we'll see. we hope!

Selia's Art said...

Love your house! So pretty! I know what you mean, I have a few quirky things about my house also!