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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Edges of the Wind

A reminiscent warm zephyr is blowing ~feels almost like autumn~the way the leaves are tumbling and scattering around my feet~brown, crispy leaves, not many, just enough to let me know Mother Nature is changing the colors of her wardrobe. The greens are losing their dark, vibrant tint and rusty colors are peeking in among the fading pinks and yellows. October warmth yet void of chill~but I can feel the cooling warmth on the edges of the wind.

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Paula said...

Hello, Sweet Kim,
Yes, fall is nearly here, isn't it? We have had some relief to the 90 degree temperatures lately, and it is so welcome! Autumn is my favorite time of year...always...and I am so excited this year to share it with my little boy! Even though he has no idea what we're doing, we're going to take him to the pumpkin patch for some photos. I have so much to tell you! We need to email! I've missed our chats!