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Saturday, September 4, 2010

So Many Stories To Be Told Here

We have said for nearly 3 years we would get together for lunch~it was said over and over again.
I've written about Phyllis Adair-Ward back in February~she is the author of the world renowned memoir "Wind Chimes and Promises"~her conversation is as flowing and genuine as her writing ability.
Phyllis popped into my office one day this week and said "I came for a hug." "Lunch?" I asked. "How about Friday? she suggested. "Yes! I'll be at your house at 12 noon." Double hug.
Our day started with dainty sandwiches with the delicious trimmings and coffee laced with Grand Marnier~all on the screened porch~her sanctuary. Our chatting never ceased except for her brief jaunt to the kitchen to refill my thin china cup.. She wouldn't let me leave my comfortable chair and I never did. This was the first day all summer with a cool gentle zephyr and it blew our conversations back and forth from topic to topic~writing, reading aloud, art, plays, dreams, past and present husbands, parental antics in nursing homes, the struggle for women's suffrage and racial discrimination in the workplace. We only had one brief interruption the entire day ~ a phone call from her sister-in-law Bea, also a writer and lecturer, better described as dearer than a sister. Bea's personality fills a room and I could tell that from the short lovingly sarcastic retorts coming from Phyllis to Bea. "I'm here on the porch having lunch with my close friend~I'll have to call you back someday". "How can you possibly have fun on that porch without me?" I heard Bea fuss. I knew right away I had to meet Bea someday soon. "When God closes one door another door opens..but it's hell in the hallway"... "Bea'isms"...they were worked into the conversations throughout the day!

Up again she jumped to get us ample servings of rum cake with ice cream and more coffee with Grand Marnier and a little slice of Bea's pineapple pie on the side.

The light changed from bright to dusk to dark and our drink became sparkling cider and our conversations became more personally revealing as close friends choose to do. The words kept flowing, punctuated by the melodious sound of a wind chime somewhere off in the distance.

Next time we will have another uninterrupted day of stories built upon stories and perhaps coffee with Drambuie. A WONDERFUL~EST day!


The Barn Door said...

Sounds wonderful!!

Miles Of Style said...

how wonderful!


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow...coffee and Grand Marnier on the porch all in a comfortable chair...rum cake and ice cream!!! Simply wonderful...hope there are many more magic times like this...Dzintra♥x