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Friday, July 23, 2010


One week from today we will be in Portland, Oregon going through the dress rehearsal for my daughter Regan and her Dutch fiance, Marcel's wedding! Oh we are very, very excited. She waited a long time to find the right one...wow, was she ever LUCKY. When they met it was love at first sight~ across a crowded room..just like the song Some Enchanted Evening.
They live across the country from me and his parents live in the Netherlands,so they are planning the wedding by themselves...prior to this planning they renovated their kitchen by themselves...wow, is all I can say..if you can renovate a kitchen AND plan a wedding all within the same year and still love each other...you are meant to be together! And the ultimate in love is..she told me tonite...that when he looks at her when she is outside, digging in the dirt and gardening with no makeup, hair pulled back and her glasses on..he tells her she is beautiful and has since their first date...NOW, everyone, you will agree...that is true love!!! When a man loves you at your worst he loves you the BEST! She told me this after we laughed so hard at the makeup products she bought to look the RAVISHING BLUSHING BRIDE....PRIMER FOR THE FACE..covers all the splotches and is the base so that the thick makeup paint will stick on le face really well, which is basically FILLER to fill all the large pores in your skin and then there is a spray that is something like hair spray that is designed to shellac your makeup on so that even if you sweat in 106 degree heat..your "face" will not slide off! Then for the hair~ there is an industrial strength Big Sexy Hair product to make sure if you get caught in a downpour of rain you won't need an umbrella~no amount of precipitation will be able to penetrate your lacquered locks! I am anxious to try all these products...maybe the "shellac pour le face" will tighten up my laugh chins! Wonder what Marcel will think of her new look on their wedding day?


The Barn Door said...

ohhhhhh let me know it if works on your chin. I need a truck load!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

kim, you are too funny, and congrats on that wedding now. i hope you will have a ball.
i must also thank you on your sweet comments. skaespeare in the garden, i totally understand! :)
feel free to browse, huh, and till later.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

What a good looking couple they are! I'm sure it was a beautiful wedding. You must be so happy and proud.

Love your new template. That's my favorite of the new designs, too.