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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tattle Tale Housework

Some days I would just like to sit at my computer and read blogs and write them, sun tan and feed the squirrels...who cares about the housework..but lack of it tells tales on you. I actually thought I'd done a good job of housework before my best friend came to visit, and darn it~ if she didn't find every little thing I didn't get around to doing! Like the spill over in the oven..Darn it, I was gonna turn on that self -clean oven before she came but I couldn't find the manual. So she got the baking soda out and scrubbed out the spill over spot. Oh and how about... she needed a cooling rack for the scones..yeah, I have some but they aren't used very much and had a little dust on them. But before that she had to Hoover the living room. I heard the vacuum going in one spot for 10 minutes. "Is there something wrong with that particular spot on the carpet?" I asked, being driven nuts by the sound of the machine. "It's not picking up" she screeched above the airplane engine sound of that piece of convenience. "Well, I said, maybe it needs a fresh belt. There's one on the bottom of the machine, but we need to take the bottom plate off." Well it took me 10 minutes and 7 screw drivers and a hot flash later to find the one that would fit in the tiny hole they engineered to hold the plate on. Got the plate on but not without the catastrophe of a broken manicured fingernail; we maneuvered the belt into the 'between a rock and a hard place'. Who really designs these modern housework machines for women? Oh and then every time the 126 year old cat Miss Indy got out of her scratch box (as Suzanne calls it) her little feet tracked the Feline Pine cat litter (that is supposed to be very much better than other litters) down the hall and she kept getting the DustBuster out to hoover it up...every time!!! aughhh. She had to Hoover she said before she could bake the scones!
I failed again..but not at housework...when it was time to make the scones she searched and searched in the cupboards then shouted out.."where's your food scale?" "My what?" Oh, then I remembered... "We don't use food scales to measure our flour and sugar here in the U.S. of A" I quietly retorted. "Do you want me to go to Target and buy one for you?" "No", she said, "I can use a measuring cup." The scones came out beautifully, the house was spic and span, the fingernail was mended and we sat down and laughed our heads off at our present lives and our past lives of being best friends for 30 years...and that spot on the carpet...it has police tape around it...it is the cleanest spot in the house!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

ha ha ha...
huge, lovely friendship!
bon app├ętit.

ted and bunny said...

Sitting at my (un-scrubbed) kitchen table yesterday, drinking tea with a friend who is a farmers wife, the topic of cleaning the kitchen floor came up- as it does! (mine was in dire need of wash).
Altho she and I don't really move in the same circles, we do have mutual friends.
We both drew up a list of which visiting friends we would have to clean the floor/sink/cooker/bathroom/vacuum sitting room/dust the hallway for, and the list was identical!
We then realised that the "au-natural" friends were frequent visitors, often invited for deliciously giggly out-of-thin-air lunches, whilst the prissier friends all got invited on consecutive days to avoid getting the house dirty in between!

I ran out of excuses years ago, and now I've stopped bothering to make them when it comes to housework...I wish your friend would come to visit me, she'd be kept busy for weeks (but I'm a dab hand at scones!!)

with love xx

The Barn Door said...

LOL!!!! Send her to my house, it NEEDS to be cleaned!!!! Too funny!

Paula said...

Aww, Kim...please ask if she wants to come visit me for a week or two! She can hoover and clean ovens and all the housework she wants! :-) Since the baby arrived, it seems we have little time for anything other than sterilizing bottles, changing diapers and trying to catch up on missed sleep! Sounds like the two of you have a very wonderful, comfortable friendship...the very best to have.

Much love,