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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Summer Reading List Wish

I can't remember last year's summer.  The winter took on toll on my memory...selective memory is not what I would call it...just too much winter that snowed out the warm remembrances.  This summer it is cool...cooler than it has been since 1883, before my grandparents were even born...so the weatherman recounts.  I should be walking during my lunch breaks, but I miss reading.  A few summers ago I had lots of time off...not by my wishes, but I did fill those long hours with reading everything I could find.  This year, guilty of not taking my healthful walks, I have decided to exercise my brain with classic books and tales from children's literature.  I found scads of books adapted for children of reading and understanding age at a department store in the dollar section.  Perfect luncheon reading at an affordable price.  I didn't realize until I delved into two of the books that I either hadn't really read them as a child, although they were on the shelf, or that I did not really read them completely through.  What insight these authors had of the social psyche, the proper way to show kindness and consideration of friendship versus anger and greed and jealousy.  Very inspiring to me at my age and oh so impressive to young people.  I do hope young people still read books...good books, books that make them think and understand the world. Not the hyped media world.
 I will keep these books for my granddaughter so that she will read them and be impressed on being a kind, thoughtful, intelligent person.  This is my Summer Reading Wish.  

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