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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Too Emotional

I can't go to the cinema anymore because I am afraid I'll have a cryin' jag and have to be carried out.  I had to be carried out of ET and my kids were humiliated and then while watching 'Karate Kid', I got so upset with those boys beating him up, my kids had to pull me down into my seat because I kept jumping up yelling,' Kill those boys!' They urged," Mom!" as they tugged,  "we are not in the living room and this is not Little House on the Prairie!" That television series used to really rial me up!    HaHmmm.  Sorry...but I did have to run out the back door of the theatre when I watched Driving Miss Daisy because I was sobbing so loud.  Been a loong time since I have allowed myself to go to the cinema... as you can see by the movie titles I have mentioned!


LadyCat said...

I can relate. I keep muself composed, but have to really try hard sometimes. I just can't watch some movies. I love Breakfast at Tiffany's, but always make Tom fast forward through the part when she throws the cat out of the car. Too much for me.

ted and bunny said...

driving Miss Daisy...I'm there sobbing with you!

Fading Grace said...

I cry at everything these days! my Mum always fell asleep in the cinema.....so does my husband! I can't imagine how anyone could fall asleep, it boggles me...the seats are so uncomfortable, theres people munching, and its sooo loud!! E.T is the saddest film ever...so have a good day, with no weeping, I'm going to try...Tommy is off to uni Saturday xx

Kim said...

I always have to fast forward thru the scene where Bonnie dies and Rhett Butler locks himself in the room because he won't bury her because she is afraid of the dark in Gone with the Wind. Oh, and I can't watch Dancing with Wolves either.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

come to the theatre with me.
we'll have an impromptu concert!